Video: how to clean small artichokes


In the course of the 11 years that I’ve been teaching Italian cooking I’ve noticed that some vegetables are a total mystery to most non-Italian cooks.
Take fennel and artichoke, for example: here in Holland I always have to demonstrate how to clean them and what to use or throw away because most people have never had the chance (or the courage) to actually “tackle” some of these wonderful veggies.

So if you can’t clean small Italian and French artichokes (for the big French ones we’ll need another video since they’re quite different…) not to worry! Cime di Rapa comes to your rescue! :)

Just watch this video, grab a bunch of beautiful Violets from France or small artichokes from Liguria or Puglia and stuff yourself with them after cleaning them perfectly well!

Questo è un post per i nostri lettori che non parlano italiano. Per chi non capisce l’inglese e vuole comunque imparare a pulire i carciofi direi: segui le immagini e va da sé. :)


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