Video: how to clean and open mussels


Another little how-to video, this time with Valentina who’s an expert in fish and seafood like lots of people who come from Bari. I call the Baresi the “Japanese of Italy” because they’re real fish freaks and love to eat everything preferably raw.
Seen the high quality of fresh fish and seafood in Puglia that’s no wonder: fresher than fresh and extremely tasty, just like the stuff Valentina bought in Torre a Mare – a village on the sea near Bari – to prepare our next vintage dish (soon to be seen on this blog).

The video explains just how to de-beard the mussels (that means removing the seaweeds attached to the shells) and open them. Before doing that it’s a good idea to leave them for at least a few hours in slightly salted water to make sure they expel the sand they have inside.

Once opened you can eat them raw (if you’re sure they come from a clean, PRISTINE mussel nursery) or use them in lots of different dishes. I find mussels very decorative when served inside half of their shells, so black and beautifully shiny.



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